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I left early in the morning so I could make an entire day out of this trip. I really needed to wind down! So I finally pulled up, valet took my car. I stood in line for about 20 minutes to enter and when I finally approached the register, I redeemed my Groupon voucher and handed my phone to the cashier.

She tells me with no remorse "these vouchers from groupon can only be used 24 hours AFTER the purchase". I said "not for nothing but I just drove 2 hours to get here from CT. All in all, if you plan on using groupon, purchase the ticket 24 hours in advance! As far as the rest of my day. Lots of kids early on in the day but as it got later, it cleared up.

The men's room is not as "cruisy" as everyone keeps making it out to be.

No matter where you go, there are gonna be creeps in those environments, that is not management's fault. I would definitely go again, but maybe not through Groupon! Beautiful get away for a day drinks are strong but pricey food is good also massage was great don't like the whole walking around barefoot thing but everything else was great.

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I had to set of tickets to the spa castle. So I would explain both visits.. It was a decent stay the only issue was the kids running in and out of the sauna. One they should be in the sauna way to hot but staff should regulate their guest with little children, someone is going to get hurt The heat pool was so crowded that you literally couldn't get out of the pool.


No bull. All the saunas full everything, I mean everything completely full. A spa is supposed to be relaxing not stressful. My partner and I went to Spa Castle for a relaxing midweek getaway. Overall we had a really nice time. We left feeling relaxed and refreshed. We got there around 10 in the morning and quickly found parking. We checked in with relative ease as we used a Groupon towards our entrance fee.

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After entering the building, we each went to our gender assigned dressing rooms and met on the second floor to enjoy the saunas. There were a variety of saunas that weren't crowded, quiet, and did not require that you keep your uniform on, which was really nice.

The saunas hat mats, seats, and even some headrest in them. After the saunas, we went to the third floor and spent some time in the outdoor pools. They were also very nice except for a moment when a white bubble mass of someone's hair product overtook the pool before getting to the drain. Also, we had a drink by the pool, which is not allowed at some K Spa since they serve alcohol at the spa. Next, we went back down to the second floor for food.

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We liked the idea of having something light from the buffet as opposed to a heavy Korean lunch. The food was a bit pricey but it was good so that made up for the price. Finally, we went to the nude baths in our respective dressing rooms -- my favorite part! I didn't get a body scrub because of time but I was really tempted as I've done so in the past and it's great for your skin but painful!

All in all, it was a long lovely day and we had a nice time.

I would definitely do it again on a midweek day! Hung out at Spa Castle for the day. Relaxing your body and mind while charging your batteries for the upcoming few weeks? Well, nothing should stop you from doing that! The USA alone offers hundreds of different spa centres. The younger sister to the Spa Castle in Queens, the Premier 57 was founded a few years ago.

Since then, it has become one of the best options. Settled in the Midtown of NY, it is a solution for anyone. Whether you want to enjoy the rooftop jet pool or a hot tub bath, this is the place! Over the course of a few years, this Spa Castle has become among the most popular options in this area as hundreds of people visit it on a yearly basis. This is mainly due to its excellent facilities. What you should know entering this kind of a complex that while it is pricey, you are there to enjoy yourself in opulence and luxury, and the experience is going to be worth every single penny.

Out of the popular amenities, we figured out that the jet pools and hot tub locker rooms are a must to keep your valuables safe. As for the body healing and body massage services, we see the facials and detoxifying scrubs as a lovely experience! Once you have entered the complex, it is time to rest and relax. An important note-to-self is that kids are not allowed, so do not bring them. You can go alone or bring a few of your friends and adult family members along.

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As much as we love them, we all need a break from the kids sometimes! Advance Purchase Book Now. Learn More. This packa View Rooms. View Spa Offers. Ireland 5 Star Castle Hotel. Donegal and Ireland.