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Valid class: 1 to any number , Invalid class: -1 checking the lowest of lowest , Invalid class: highest of highest. This testing technique uses the inputs, outputs, and the state of the system during the testing phase. It checks the software against the sequence of transitions or events among the test data. Based on the type of software that is tested, it checks for the behavioral changes of a system in a particular state or another state while maintaining the same inputs.

For example, A login page will let you input username and password until three attempts. Each incorrect password will be sent the user to the login page. After the third attempt, the user will be sent to an error page. This state transition method considers the various states of the system and the inputs to pass only the right sequence of the testing.

This approach creates test cases based on various possibilities. It considers multiple test cases in a decision table format where each condition is checked and fulfilled, to pass the test and provide accurate output.

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It is preferred in case of various input combinations and multiple possibilities. For example, A food delivery application will check various payment modes as input to place the order — decision making based on the table. Case1: If the end-user has a card, then the system will not check for cash or coupon and will take action to place the order. Case2: If the end-user has a coupon will not be checked for a card or cash and action will be taken.

It is similar to a decision-based test case design approach where the relationship between links and input cases are considered. This method of designing test cases is about guessing the output and input to fix any errors that might be present in the system.

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It depends on the skills and judgment of the tester. This method uses the two different versions of the same software to compare and validate the results. The black box testing can be easily used to check and validate the entire software development life cycle. It can be used at various stages such as unit, integration, acceptance, system, and regression to evaluate the product. Admit it. Electronics make the best presents. Thankfully, TigerDirect had all kinds of sweet offers last year to keep goodies under the Christmas tree.

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